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Conquering with English

Tools of progress

Ever since the dawn of human history, people have tried to conquer new territories, both physical and mental. From finding new caves where to hide and terrains with food and water, to finding a market niche that they can exploit in the XXI century, the basic instinct of progress has always remained the same. Those who are the smartest of all, try to figure out which are the best tools and weapons that allow them to move forwards, cast their enemies aside or just defeat them, and take the new things that they discover in order to make use of them. Increasingly complex and accurate weapons were the first of a long list of resources, and they are still used to acquire and mantain economical power in several regions of the world. However, with the evolution of culture, new tools have been developed which are products of the mentalization of human culture.

Nowadays, power and success are mediated by abstract exchanges, and thus people must conquer new intellectual resources in order to reach them. Those who run businesses of any size need to be aware - and most of them actually are aware - that knowledge is now as important as physical resources. This world is ruled by IT and communication is key for global success. Even if you want to establish a solid local business, you will have greater chances if you engage in international deals with customers and providers. Also, research and new discoveries performed in other parts of the world could be of use for you where you are, so you should be able to access all that knowledge. This cannot be achieved if you don't share a common language. Read More...


Our students.

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Jordana Lopez


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Giaccio Montesco